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land management > land area > Indigenous Peoples' lands

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Indigenous Peoples' lands  


  • Information For Indigenous Peoples, the land territory and natural resources is not merely a possession and a means of production. These terms encompass not only the land, but also the resources and customary rights over the management of these lands, and therefore carry a different significance. The entire relationship between the spiritual life of Indigenous Peoples and Mother Earth, and their land, has a great many deep-seated implications. Their land is not a commodity which can be acquired, but a material element to be enjoyed freely. The collective dimension of this relationship is significant, and the intergenerational aspect is crucial to Indigenous Peoples’ identity, survival and cultural viability.

    Created: 12/2/22

  • Information Territoire dont la propriété et l'usage sont régis par le droit foncier coutumier (droit du premier occupant).

    Created: 4/25/20

  • Information Território cuja propriedade é legitimada a partir da sua ocupação prévia por povos indígenas.

    Created: 7/5/16


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  • Information

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    indigenous lands

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